Commitment and One-Portfolio Policy

The world’s leader in logistics real estate is committed to aligning interests with our co-investment partners, proactive risk management and unswerving transparency.

  • Co-investment of 15-66% of our capital alongside our partners—the best way to align interests
  • Incentive-based compensation with profits earned after surpassing return thresholds in some venture
One-portfolio policy
  • All assets managed on an ownership-blind basis
  • Scaled operating platform provides customers alternatives and consistent service excellence across markets and countries
  • Owners and investors benefit when customers’ needs are met
Risk Mitigation
  • Actively evaluate business, financial and market risks
  • Local Prologis teams committed to enhancing customer relationships, community engagement, leasing space and identifying and resolving issues
Communication and transparency
  • Best-in-class reporting, research, insights and access to in-house experts
  • Open dialogue with advisory councils, investor advisory committees and annual meetings
Allocation policy
  • Funds and ventures generally prioritized above balance sheet for new investments
  • Consistent rotation policy


Prologis’ comprehensive project management services simplify the construction process for our customers. We evaluate planned locations and manage permitting processes. Our expert teams of engineers, architects and project managers work collaboratively to design and develop buildings tailored to our customers' requirements. Our purposeful designs ensure that Prologis distribution centers can be expanded or reconfigured with minimum cost and maximum ease to respond to the changing requirements of customers. Because we operate the buildings we own, we are available for consultation and ready to serve customer needs.

Land Availabilities

Because strategic locations are vital to supply chain efficiency, we continually identify and secure permits for the best logistics sites throughout Mexico. Whether our customers are seeking to create a new logistics hub in the [add market name] region or to secure a distribution point close to end-users in [add market name], Prologis’ land bank is poised to offer a solution.