We understand your needs

We understand your needs

Prologis’ leasing experts know exactly what you require: high-quality logistics space at the perfect location. In cooperation with our property management teams, our leasing officers take care of the customer from the initial inquiry to the tenancy in all aspects of the lease. We will find a location to match your needs.

Aside from our own experts, brokers are often involved to help you find the most suitable location. With full transparency, you will be given all the information you need to make a decision: site plans, fire safety concepts, rebuilding descriptions and ancillary costs distribution.

We are flexible in order to adapt our buildings to customer needs. The space we offer is highly efficient and located at infill locations that help reduce your transport costs. Our leasing team has deep knowledge in developing flexible and individual lease agreements and will always make sure that we meet the requirements of all our customers.

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Beatriz Baez
Leasing & Marketing Coordinator

Tel.: +52 (33) 3134 5453

[email protected]

Juarez Kathya Hernandez
Property & Leasing Manager
Tel:  +52 (656) 295 3103 [email protected]
Mexico City Efren Bobadilla
Senior Leasing Manager
Tel:   +52 (55) 1105 2926 [email protected]
  Karina Xibille
Leasing Manager
Tel:  +52 (55) 1105 2929 [email protected]
Monterrey Karina Galvan
Leasing Manager
Tel:  +52 (81) 8004 8010 [email protected]
Reynosa Juan Carlos Lopez
Market Officer
Tel:   +52 (899) 921 9762 [email protected]
Tijuana Beatriz Baez
Leasing & Marketing Coordinator
Tel:   +52 (33) 3134 5453 [email protected]