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The World’s Leader In Logistics Real Estate

Prologis provides efficient logistics real estate solutions to the world. In partnership with top manufacturing and distribution companies, we ensure timely delivery of the products that make modern life possible.

Facts About Prologis in Mexico

  • 40 Million Square Feet of Industrial Real Estate Space
  • 210 Logistics Real Estate Buildings
  • 477 Acres of Land
Data as of September 30, 2020, for assets the company owned or had investments in, on a wholly owned basis or through co-investment ventures, properties and development projects.


  • Senior Leaders
Luis Gutierrez
Luis Gutiérrez

Luis Gutiérrez

President, Latin America

Mr. Gutiérrez has nearly three decades of experience in the real estate sector. In addition to serving as CEO of FIBRA Prologis since 2014, he is...

Héctor Ibarzabal
Héctor Ibarzabal

Héctor Ibarzabal

Managing Director, Mexico

Héctor Ibarzabal is a 30-year veteran of the real estate sector, with extensive experience in structuring, financing and fundraising for real estate...

Jorge Girault
Jorge Girault

Jorge Girault

Chief Financial Officer

Since 1994 Mr. Girault has worked in the real estate market through structuring, financing and fundraising for the office, industrial, retail and...

Hamid R. Moghadam
Hamid R. Moghadam

Hamid R. Moghadam

Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer

Hamid Moghadam is Chairman and CEO of Prologis. In 1983, Mr. Moghadam co-founded the company's predecessor, AMB Property Corporation, and led it...

Eugene F. Reilly
Eugene F. Reilly

Eugene F. Reilly

Chief Executive Officer, The Americas

Gene Reilly, as Prologis’ chief executive officer of the Americas, oversees all aspects of Prologis’ business in the United States, Canada and Latin...



Our company cares. Teamwork, courage and impact matter, and people always come first. Our core values define our relationships with colleagues, customers and investors.


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Integrity is the cornerstone of every action we take. Our word is our bond. We strive to demonstrate a consistency of character that is transparent, genuine, trustworthy and respectful.



The quality of our people is the key to our success. Through mentorship, we pass on our institutional knowledge, develop our talent pool, and create a sustainable and learning enterprise.



We are passionate about our work. We are committed to going above and beyond what is expected of us. Decisive, nimble and results-driven, we endeavor to be thoughtful and thorough in everything we do.



We are all accountable to each other, our customers and our investors. Individual accountability is critical to achieving the overall goals and objectives of the company.



We live in a constantly changing world. What was good enough yesterday will not be enough tomorrow. We embrace change, and we have the courage to take calculated risks to exceed our business objectives.



We are one team. We believe that our collaborative culture provides a competitive advantage. We communicate openly with each other and value diversity in perspectives and opinions.