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Snapshots of success that inspire us every day.

  • Noé García

    Noé García

    Director, Project Management, Monterrey, México

    Noé García defines success from continuous work, and finds in sports and love for his family, the main motivators for all his achievements.

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  • Hector Cabrera, Director, Accounting, Mexico City

    Hector Cabrera

    Director, Accounting, Mexico City

    Hector Cabrera enumerates the keys and the elements that make work at Prologis, something more than a simple occupation.

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  • Cynthia Machado, Senior Property Manager, Tijuana

    Cynthia Machado

    Senior Property Manager, Tijuana, Mexico

    Cynthia Machado finds in resilience and curiosity the engines of personal and professional growth. This is clear in everything she does at Prologis ...

  • Carolina Tapia

    Carolina Tapia

    Property Administrator, Guadalajara, México

    Carolina Tapia speaks about Prologis’ core values to achieve success based on client satisfaction.

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  • Begoña​  Sordo

    Begoña​  Sordo

    Marketing & Communications Manager

    Marketing and communications manager Begoña​ Sordo is based in our Mexico City office. Known as Bego (bey-go) to those who know and love her, she has ...

  • Jorge Girault

    Jorge Girault

    Senior Vice President, Finance, Mexico City, Mexico

    Corporate Communications: Hola, Jorge! It’s great to catch up with you. Please give us a glimpse into your background.

    Jorge:I’m the father of two ...


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