Prologis and Mercado Libre signed 10-year lease and agreement for the construction of a 97,843 square meter build-to-suit in Park Grande, in Mexico City, as part of the e-commerce retailer’s Mexican consolidation

The company’s CEO and founder, Marcos Galperin, said that Mexico is currently their third largest, in terms of sales, of the 19 international markets where Mercado Libre operates. “In less than two years, Mexico will surpass Argentina in sales for second place, and longer term has the potential to dethrone Brazil, which currently is responsible for 50 percent of our sales,” he noted during the event announcing investment in the country. Mercado Libre, in its mission to remain the e-commerce leader in Mexico, made a historic investment of $275 million U.S. dollars in the country in 2018. Galperin noted that $100 million US dollars has already been invested directly in the construction of its new distribution centers in Mexico, one in Cuautitlán and this one in Prologis Park Grande.   

With 75 million internet users and an online sales market worth $7.5 billion US dollars representing only 2.2 percent of the total retail sales market in the territory, Mercado Libre expects on-line sales in Mexico to double by 2020. To help Mercado Libre quickly launch their operations at Prologis Park Grande, Prologis designed a program with delivery periods over two years. The build-to-suit is expected to be fully operational by 2019.

The Mercado Libre build-to-suit in Park Grande is one of two facilities in the park spanning over 1 million square feet.  Built with a sustainable future in mind, this massive modern distribution and logistics center has LEED Gold certification. Sustainable design features include an early suppression fast response (ESFR) fire sprinkler system that is ideal for warehouse environments. Reflective roofing reduces the urban heat island effect and lowers indoor air temperatures.  Increased ventilation, use of low emitting materials and ample daylight improve the indoor air quality. Water efficient landscaping and indoor fixtures reduce the burden on the municipal water supply and wastewater systems. 

Prologis Park Grande is located just off of Highway 57, the so-called NAFTA highway just north of Mexico City.  The park is set in a growing industrial area in Tepotzotlán Municipality, which features a 17th century convent that is a key tourist attraction.  Prologis has been a leader in community responsibility in the area, with key support to infrastructure and education in the municipality.


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