Tijuana, the westernmost city in Mexico, is one of the fastest-growing metropolitan areas in the country. Tijuana has a population of ~1.8 million of permanent residents. 

The Tijuana area is home to a host of manufacturers and assembly plants in such industries as aerospace, electronics and medical devices. Along with San Diego they form the Cali-Baja region which is the most important medical hub in the West Coast. 

Tijuana is only three hours away from the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, the second busiest seaports in the U.S. Of all of the U.S.-Mexico land-based ports of entry, Tijuana has the second-highest volume of trucks and the third-highest dollar value of outbound trade. Accordingly, logistics and distribution play an important role in Tijuana’s economy. 

Tijuana’s labor force includes many engineers, doctors and other highly-skilled service providers. Universities in Baja California, turn out more engineers per capita than the U.S.  

Prologis has 4.2 million square feet of industrial properties and warehouses in the Tijuana area. 


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