Humanity and diversity: the keys to quality leadership

Hector Cabrera, Director, Accounting, Mexico City

Hector Cabrera

Director, Accounting, Mexico City

Hector Cabrera enumerates the keys and the elements that make work at Prologis, something more than a simple occupation.

Communications Team: Thank you for sitting down with us, Hector. Let’s start with a glimpse into your background and current role at the company. 

Hector: I majored in accounting and later studied for my MBA. I spent the first eight years of my career as an auditor. I was working at Deloitte when I was recruited to join Prologis in Mexico. 

Much has changed during my 18 years at Prologis. As the company evolves, my job is to ensure that Prologis’ financial information aligns with its policies and guidelines and adheres to both local and U.S. rules. In Mexico, our main vehicle is the FIBRA, which is regulated by very specific standards. One of my responsibilities is to ensure compliance with these standards. 

Our united, motivated team of 12 works hard to streamline our processes and bring new ideas to the table.
Communications Team:
That’s very interesting to know, Hector. Please tell us more about your experience at Prologis and why you have dedicated almost two decades of your career to the company.
Hector: I have been able to grow professionally and personally at Prologis. Prologis is truly powered by its people. I am fortunate to have the opportunity to work with many wonderful individuals. 

Further, Prologis gives me the room and resources to grow continuously. I also appreciate that the company promotes a culture of inclusion and diversity, which I believe is critical to connecting people from all walks of life.  

Beyond being my job, Prologis is a second home where I can thrive in all areas. When you take the time to get to know people, you discover we have many similarities even if we may appear to be quite different from each other. 

Communications Team: Please tell us about how your leadership style has evolved at Prologis. 

Hector: Merging leadership with humanity makes all the difference. My job as an accountant is very direct and structured by nature. However, any job, even one as structured as mine, becomes so much more when you add in the people factor. Being comfortable in our uniqueness and bringing our best selves to work adds great value to any company, and I see it happen all the time at Prologis. I see us as a culture of belonging. We move beyond being just teammates to acting together as true collaborators for the betterment of the company. 

Communications Team: This has been a great talk, Hector. In closing, what is the most important advice you would give to someone starting a career at Prologis?

Hector: Do not limit yourself. At Prologis, the culture encourages growth and the limits you encounter might simply be ones you’ve created. By moving past a mindset of limitation, anyone can reap profound benefits, both professionally and personally. 


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