Dedication, learning and patience with focus on customer centricity

Carolina Tapia

Carolina Tapia

Property Administrator, Guadalajara, México

Carolina Tapia speaks about Prologis’ core values to achieve success based on client satisfaction.

Communications Team: We’re thrilled to speak with you, Carolina. Please tell us about yourself and your career.

Carolina: I was born in Guadalajara, which I returned to after a long time traveling with my parents. I belong to a family of seven and have four sisters with whom I like to share many things.

I majored in accounting at UNAM in Mexico City. My first professional experience was an internship at CONAGUA. I spent a year doing internships and social service until they offered me a position as head of financial resources, which included the study of water rights. When I was at CONAGUA, we had a meeting with several taxpayers who were in the process of applying for permits for water rights, and there I met Sandra Solis, who became my first boss at Prologis. 

Communications Team: Prologis is highly focused on giving its customers the best service in the business. Can you speak to this?

Carolina: Every day, we go to work with the mindset of being customer-focused. We take care of our customers in many ways that go beyond leasing buildings to them. We work extra hard to ensure our customers feel supported and connected to us whenever they need us. Building relationships with our customers is critical to our mission as a company. As a result, our customers know they can rely on us to deliver what they need. 

Communications Team: You are the recipient of a prestigious company award; can you tell us more? 

Carolina: Yes, I won the region’s Impact Award. I’m very honored to have been chosen. The Impact Award is given to those who represent Prologis’ core values ​​of Integrity, Mentorship, Passion, Accountability, Courage, and Teamwork. Each of us in the company votes annually for those who reflect those values. That they chose me means they saw those values ​​in me. 

Communications Team: What advice would you give to help a colleague, whether potential or established, be successful at Prologis?

Carolina: I would tell them to learn something from everyone. Practice patience versus trying to climb up the ladder too fast because everything comes in its time. I would suggest finding a way to diversify their knowledge. And I would say: Do not limit yourself to your specific department. Look beyond to other teams and divisions within the company to understand the business as a whole. 

Communications Team: Any last comments as we close out our interview?

Carolina: Prologis is the best company I’ve worked for. It supports its employees and helps them to grow. It nurtures them with knowledge, options for professional development and provides an inclusive culture where everyone belongs. 


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