Starting from scratch may be the best opportunity

Cynthia Machado, Senior Property Manager, Tijuana

Cynthia Machado

Senior Property Manager, Tijuana, Mexico

Cynthia Machado finds in resilience and curiosity the engines of personal and professional growth. This is clear in everything she does at Prologis, from his position and towards others.

Communications Team: Greetings, Cynthia! Let’s start with a little background about you and your career.  

Cynthia: I was born in Ensenada and studied public accounting in Tijuana. I worked in a finance role at several companies for about ten years before joining Prologis. Even though I love the work involved in financial analysis, upon joining Prologis I was immediately fascinated by the many compelling aspects of commercial real estate. My career over the past 18 years has been incredibly interesting and full of learning and, yes, some challenges. Yet, I find myself surrounded by talented and generous people who are willing to take time out of their busy schedules to help me grow.

Communications Team: Please tell us about how you came to join Prologis?

Cynthia: After my eldest son was born, I decided to take some time off. However, I have been working since I was 15 years old, so staying at home was a bit difficult. I had interviewed with some of Prologis’ customers, so I knew the name but didn’t know much about the company at the time.

I was then informed that Prologis was looking for someone to staff a temporary position which, at the time, was very convenient for me. I joined Prologis as an administrative assistant. The team embraced me and helped me expand my knowledge of commercial real estate and become more proficient in English. I felt welcomed and supported from the start.

Communications Team: What are some pearls of wisdom you have gained during your career? 

Cynthia: After a successful career in the financial and accounting fields, where I had to start from zero, I learned that anything can be turned into a great opportunity if you are willing to stretch beyond your comfort zone. I was so hungry to learn new things and do my best. Prologis keeps me feeling challenged and excited because I want to learn about everything. I never leave things halfway through and I don’t believe in the phrase “I can’t.”

Communications Team: Is there a specific achievement at Prologis of which you are especially proud?

Cynthia: That I fell in love with the company’s values and can now share my experiences with others is my greatest achievement. I am very passionate about building relationships based on trust. In addition, I think that framing challenges as opportunities is key to personal and professional growth. 

Communications Team: What does success mean to you?

Cynthia: Many years ago, I learned that success cannot be measured by awards or material things but rather by having a greater purpose and being able to grow alongside others. This is not premeditated; for me, it is simply about taking the time to get to know people, finding out what they are interested in and understanding how I can best help them.

Communications Team: What is the best advice you’ve received?

Cynthia: To not take myself too seriously and to always learn from my mistakes. My family also taught me to stay faithful to myself and my values.

Communications Team: Do you have any advice for new team members starting out at Prologis?

Cynthia: Stay humble, remain open to new lessons and do the right thing. Believe in yourself and stay true to what you believe. If you know something is right, stand up for it. Embrace change, because it is the only constant; it’s not a cliché, it’s the reality. Nothing is written in stone.


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