Leadership and perseverance as a measure of success

Noé García

Noé García

Director, Project Management, Monterrey, México

Noé García defines success from continuous work, and finds in sports and love for his family, the main motivators for all his achievements.

Communications Team: Greetings, Noé! Please give us a snapshot of who you are and what you love. 
Noé: I was born in Monterrey, where I delved into sports and social causes. I am a very active person and like to stay busy. I love sports, both following and participating. Tennis is my favorite sport at the moment. Playing tennis is a great way for me to destress and recalibrate! I am extremely proud of my family: My eldest son studies medicine at UDEM; the second is a mechatronics engineer; and the youngest is a goalkeeper at his school. 

Communications Team: What did you major in as a student?

Noé: I majored in architecture at the Tec de Monterrey. I love design, creativity, drawing.

Communications Team: How did your career at Prologis begin? 

Noé: The transition to my job at Prologis was great. I was living in Saltillo and developing a small architectural firm. Three architects worked with me, and we did some design and a little bit of construction. Back in 2006 and 2007, the problem was not the work but rather the continuity of the work because in architecture, everything is done project by project. 

During one of my architectural projects, I received a call from the engineer Paco García, who told me about a job opening at Prologis. When I asked why he had come looking for me, he explained it was the result of seeing my resumé at the Tec de Monterrey. Paco was an excellent mentor and, after three months, Prologis hired me.

Communications Team: How do you define success? 

Noé: Success can come in various ways, either by luck or by hard work. I prefer the latter. In my family we use many motivational phrases, but the one that resonates most strongly with me is: There is no effort that does not have a reward. Success is keeping your eyes on the target. When you start something, don't stop halfway through. Keep going. Be diligent.

Communications Team: Beyond diligence, what makes a person successful?

Noé: At Prologis, we are counted on to provide solutions and because of that, smart and careful decision-making is critical. In the construction industry, for example, you must be a leader and guide others with enthusiasm and care. Creating strong, confident teams leads to a solid understanding of shared goals and expectations. In essence, you must be a “problem hunter” and in doing so, you will find the best solutions. 

Communications Team: And last but certainly not least: Who is your favorite tennis player?

Noé: Without a doubt, Roger Federer. My wish is to see him play before he retires.


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