Luis Gutiérrez
President, Latin America

Luis Gutierrez

Mr. Gutiérrez has nearly three decades of experience in the real estate sector. In addition to serving as CEO of FIBRA Prologis since 2014, he is President for Latin America for Prologis. In that capacity, he is responsible for all Brazil- and Mexico-related activities including operations, investments, acquisitions and industrial property development. Mr. Gutiérrez co-founded and served as Chief Executive Officer of Fondo Opción (formerly G. Acción), the first public real estate company in Mexico. He is a member of the board of directors of Finances and Central de Estacionamientos. He also served as president of the Mexican Industrial Park Association from 2005-2006. Mr. Gutiérrez holds a civil engineering degree from Universidad Iberoamericana and an MBA from Instituto Panamericano de Alta Dirección de Empresas.