Problem solvers.  Ambassadors.  Liaisons.

Jacks of all trades.  Artists.

All of the above, but first and foremost, customer care providers. As an owner-operator committed to enduring relationships, Prologis in-house property managers work tirelessly to exceed customer expectations. With a laser focus on client needs, they problem-solve and learn from colleagues across the globe. No project is too complex, no timeframe too urgent. They go the extra mile to care for customers.

As of 2015, all Prologis São Paulo properties have in-house property management. Beginning in 2018, all Rio properties followed suit. This operating model allows us to have more regular contact with our customers, helping us to better understand and respond to their requests, large and small. Our customer-centric in-house property management differentiates Prologis from competitors.


Every connection starts with a conversation. Our team is here to help.