LED Lighting Install

How Does Prologis LightSmart Work?


We upgrade your existing fixtures to LEDs

We cover all associated costs

We manage all aspects of implementation

You realize immediate cash savings

Getting Started

Your Prologis LightSmart team is ready to analyze your existing lighting system and determine if the program might be a good fit for you.   Contact us online and we will respond to you directly. 

Here's How Prologis LightSmart Benefits You

Operational Benefits
  • Turnkey and expert implementation
  • Limited maintenance-related downtime 
  • Reduced carbon emissions
  • Better lighting quality
Financial Benefits
  • Reduced operating and maintenance costs
  • No capital investment
  • Make LightSmart payments only through the term of your lease to offset installation costs

Economics of Pre-LightSmart and LightSmart, Compared

Assumes 200 fixtures, 4,380 hours per year, $0.10 per kiloWatt hour (kWh)*

System Type Watts per Fixture Energy Used (kWh per Year) Energy Maintenance LightSmart Payment Total Annual Savings
Pre-LightSmart 324 283,824 $28,382.40 $10,000.00 -- $38,382.40 --
LightSmart 150 131,400 $13,140.00 -- $12,193.92 $25,333.92 $13,048.48


*Sample calculation for illustrative purposes. Actual fixture efficiency, energy used and utility rates will vary.


Next Steps

LightSmart Learn

We'll gather information and determine if the program will result in operational efficiencies for your business.                         

LightSmart Evaluate

We'll evaluate your location(s) to design a solution that maximizes benefits.

LightSmart Plan

We'll work with you to customize the right lighting solution for your needs.   

LightSmart Execute

We'll execute Prologis LightSmart, Lighting-as-a-Service agreement.  

LightSmart Install

We'll upgrade your lighting and install smart metering with minimal interruption.

LightSmart Measure

Smart metering will monitor and measure your savings, giving you full transparency.

Lightsmart Mexico Partners

About Our Partners

Prologis, the global leader in logistics real estate, has partnered with leading energy companies ARGIA and Enertiv to deliver Prologis LightSmart.

Together with Prologis, ARGIA will manage the design, development and implementation of your LED upgrade.

Enertiv, a leading real estate technology company, has helped customize LightSmart to meet your needs.

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